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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

Actaea sp.  For plant information and cultivation instructions, see PLANT INFORMATION AND CULTIVATION below

Actaea rubra Red
        Baneberry Red Cohosh perennial  Red Baneberry (Syn. Red Cohosh) - Actaea rubrum - Perennial - Deeply cut green leaves and white cylindrical blooms which mature to deep red berries in late summer make this an eye catching addition to the shady flower garden. PLANT WITH CAUTION AS BERRIES ARE HIGHLY TOXIC. Height: 24 inches Hardy to -40F (-40C)
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White Baneberry (Syn Doll's Eyes) - Actaea alba (Syn. Actaea pachypoda) - Perennial - Native to the Eastern US. White blooms and white berries. PLANT WITH CAUTION AS BERRIES ARE HIGHLY TOXIC. Height: 24 inches, Spread: 36 inches Hardy to -40F (-40C)
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Actaeas are hardy herbaceous perennial plants belonging to the Buttercup family, Ranunculaceae.  Growing about 18 to 30 inches high, they have pretty fern-like leaves and spikes of small white blooms in spring, followed by red, white or blue bitter berries which are poisonous - thus the common name Baneberry.   Native to North America, Asia and Europe, they are found in shady or semi-shaded areas.  The plants thrive in ordinary soil with leaf mold mixed in.

Propagation is easily done by sowing seed in a light soil out of doors in early spring or when the seeds ripen in the fall.  Another method is plant division.  Sow seed in pots or trays 1/4 inch deep.  Keep moist at 65F.  Transplant seedlings when they reach 2 inches tall.  Transplant outdoors when all danger of frost has passed.  Space plants 12-18 inches apart each way.

Native Americans used the juice of the berries to poison arrows.  The poison acts on the cardiovascular system producing erratic heart rhythm.  The roots were also used medicinally to treat stomach pains, coughs, colds and menstrual irregularities.  The roots are said to be a violent purgative, causing severe vomiting.

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