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 akebia quinata seeds plant  Five leaf Akebia (Chocolate Vine, Raisin Vine)
Attractive vining shrub used frequently for trellising. Belonging to the Laedizabalaceae family, they are native to Japan, China and Korea.  The plant has five lobed leaves, blooms are monoecious (male and female borne on the same plant).  Female flowers are dusky purple, male blooms lighter purple and both are fragrant, with the scent of chocolate.  Fruits are sausage shaped and edible and, though filled with seeds, are sweet.  The rinds are bitter and are eaten deep fried and stuffed.  Stems of the plant are used medicinally as a diuretic.

The trees thrive in ordinary well drained light soils.  They are quick growing and need some pruning to thin the growth in spring or fall.  Every three or four years, when the plants are fully established, it is a good idea to cut the shoots down to the ground in winter to maintain the plant.  They make lovely covers for porches or arbors.

Akebias may be propagated by layering in the fall, taking greenwood cuttings in the early summer, or by sowing seed.  Seeds should be soaked for 24 hours, then cold stratified for 30 days prior to planting for best germination. 

Hardy to -20F (-28.8C)

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