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aleurites fordii seeds plant tree     Tung Oil Tree, China wood, Japan wood, Tung Bean  (Aleurites fordii)

Aleurites are small trees, natives of eastern tropics grown primarily for their seeds which produce an oil used commercially to produce lacquers and furniture finishes, and in electrical wiring insulation.

The trees thrive in well drained loamy somewhat acidic soil and grow rapidly.  They are often grown in warmer climates (such as the southern US) as a shade tree.  Aleurites have heart shaped slightly lobed leaves and blooms are monoecious (both male and female flowers  are found on the same plant). The very attractive blooms are white, five petaled with a pink eye. 

Aleurites may be propagated by sowing seed in spring.  The outer hull should be removed from the seed and the seed cold stratified for 60 days prior to planting for best germination.  See seed stratification

Hardy to 20F (12.2C)

#1610    Packet  $10.00   Approximately 15 seeds
#B4z-1610    Bulk seed 4oz  $20.00   Approximately 37 seeds
#B1-1610    Bulk Seed  1 lb.   $40.00   Approximately 148 seeds


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