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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

(Flowering Onion) Large collection of hardy perennial bulbs, members of the Lily family, Liliaceae. The plants have long narrow leaves and straight stems bearing clusters of blooms of white, green, pink or purple having a sweet scent. They make excellent early spring bedding plants and do well in ordinary garden soil or rock gardens.

Easily Propagated from seed or divisions. For seed, sow in pots or trays. Keep moist at 65F. Transplant seedlings when they reach 2"in height. Transplant outdoors when all danger of frost is past. For direct sowing, prepared area and sow 2 seeds every 9" in rows 12-18" apart. Keep moist until seedlings emerge.

These are easy care plants and will provide years of spring blooms. Divide existing plants in fall or early spring to prevent overcrowing for for larger blooms .

Corkscrew  (Allium senescens) - Perennial; 16in. spikes of pink globe shaped flowers.  Good cutting variety.  Full sun/Partial shade;  height: 16in.
#1187  Packet   $3.50  Approximately 50 seeds

 Emerald  (Allium obliquum)  - Perennial;  Green spherical heads, erect stems and narrow blue-green foliage.  Full sun/Partial shade;  height: 20in.
#12574  Packet  $4.50  Approximately 50 seeds

 Purple  (Allium tuberosum)  Chinese chives - Perennial;  Purplish- blue heads above tall stems and broad grasslike leaves.  Has the scent of garlic.  Full sun/Partial shade;  height: 12in.
#1184  Packet  $3.50  Approximately 100 seeds


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