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amorpha fruticosa false indigo tree   False Indigo Bush (Desert Indigo)
Excellent species for use as windbreak, erosion control, or for wild gardens.  Ovate leaves with purplish blue blooms with yellow stamens which are quite showy. The resin is used to make 'amorpha', an insecticide and a dye can be obtained from the bark.  The berries are edible and are used to make jellies

Amorpha prefers a location at the edge of wooded areas or in dappled shade, but is very adaptable and can do well in full sun and under moderate drought conditions as well.  It self sows profusely and can become invasive if not controlled. 

Germination is best when seed is soaked in hot water for 8 hours prior to 60 days of cold stratification.  See our Tip for COLD STRATIFICATION  for more information on cold stratifying seeds. 

#1628    Packet  $9.50   Approximately 50 seeds
#B4z-1628    4 oz Bulk seed  $50.19   Approximately 13000 seeds
#B1-1628    1 lb Bulk Seed  $79.50   Approximately 52000 seeds


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