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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

 Custard Apple, Sugar Apple, Mocuyo, Cachiman

A small tree 10 to 20ft in height with an open airy growth habit.  Fragrant oblong flowers are followed by pale green or greyish green fruits that resemble artichokes in appearance and have rather large seeds.  The fruit is sweet and lucious and is segmented and is eaten raw or juiced.   The seeds are poisonous and are used to manufacture insecticides.  Seeds have a relatively long life and may be germinated best by soaking then scarifying before planting.  A tropical tree, it can be grown in a hothouse in northern climates. 

Hardy to 30F (4.4C)

#5794   Seed Packet  Approximately 15 seeds   $10.00
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#B1-5794   Bulk Seed  1lb   $50.50


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