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Eruca vericaria sativa (Syn. Eruca vesicaria, Brassica eruca)

SEED SPECS:  Average 10,000 seeds per ounce

Arugula is an annual plant belonging to the mustard family, Cruciferae, most often grown as a salad plant.  Arugula is easily propagated and does well in a variety of soil types in full sun (although it should be shaded somewhat in high summer heat).  Very fast growing, it reaches leaf  picking stage in about 40 days.  Plants will self sow if left undisturbed.  Best results are obtained in cool weather.

Propagation is by sowing seed in prepared soil at a depth of 1/4".  Keep moist until seedlings emerge.  Pick leaves as needed.

Once used medicinally to treat stomach disorders.  The seed has been used as an aphrodisiac and as a stimulant.  Seeds are also mildly antibacterial. Seed oil can be used as a substitute for rapeseed oil,  and as a lighting oil.

Roquette Arugula Eruca sativa  Roquette - Eruca sativa (35-45 days) This Eurpoean salad green has deeply cut dark green leaves that have a peppery flavor. Both the leaves and the white flowers are a delicious addition to any salad. Does best in cool weather and is cold hardy.
#201 Packet, $3.50 Approximately 100 seeds .
#Bz-201           Bulk seed            1 oz.  $5.00
#B4z-201         Bulk seed,           4oz $8.50       Approximately 3.750 seeds .
#B1-201          Bulk seed,            1lb $24.00       Approximately 15,000 seeds .



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