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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

A relative of the  Spiraea, Aruncus is a hardy herbaceous perennial belonging to the Rose family, Rosaceae.  Native to Europe, Asia and North America. The plants thrive in moist loamy soil and are shade tolerant.  Propagation is from seed or by division in early spring.

aruncus dioicus plant and seed varieties from Rich Farm Garden    Goatsbeard - Aruncus dioicus (A. silvester or A. vulgaris) - Tall robust plant topped with creamy white plumes.  Excellent for partial or mostly shaded locations.  Sometimes, leaves and stems are eaten, though not recommended as cyanogenic glycocides are found in the leaves and ingesting large quantities can be toxic.  A poultice made from the root is used to treat bee stings and a salve made from the root is used to treat sores.  Hardy to  -40F (-40C);  height 60 inches

#500724    Packet  $6.50   Approximately 100 seeds


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