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ASPEN and Other Poplar Species

(Plant heights are given at maturity)

quaking aspen populus tremuloides   Aspen (Quaking Aspen) -  Populus tremuloides -  A tall columnar habit with a light shade cast, these pretty relatives of the poplar are the subjects of numerous legends because their leaves never seem to remain still, even on the calmest of days.  The bark is green with a white cast.  A good tree for wooded sections or groupings.  Hardy to -50F (-45.5C);  height: 50-60ft.
#914  Seed packet  $87.50     approximately 500 seeds
#P914  2yr. Tree  $50.95
#P3-914  (2yr. trees)  Three trees for $70.00
#P10-914  (2yr. trees)  Ten trees for $99.99
populus deltoides eastern cottonwood tree seed Eastern Cottonwood - Populus deltoides - Native from Quebec to Florida on the North American continent, it is a tall stately specimen with a medium width crown.  Used for hundreds of years as a shade tree, it is losing popularity due to the contracting size of housing lots and because of its seeds, which are accompanied by an abundance of cottony fluff that blows about - thus the name Cottonwood.
#P4529      2 - 3 ft. Tree      $19.00
#P3-4529      (2-3ft. trees)    Three Trees for $28.95

Hybrid Poplars - Populus androscoggin - Fast growing  trees for windbreaks or property lines have an approximate 20ft. spread.  (Growth is routinely from 4 to 8ft. per year)   Light green leaves turn a bright gold in the fall.  Virtually carefree.
#P4531      12 - 18 inch Tree      $22.95
#P3-4531      (12-18inch trees)    Three Trees for $33.99
#P12-4531      (12 - 18 inch trees)    Twelve Trees for $70.00
populus nigra black poplar tree seed seedling Populus nigra Black Poplar tree seeds
Black Poplar - Populus nigra - Large tree with a wide spreading head.  Native to Europe and Asia.  Hardy to -40F (-40C);  height: 90ft
#P4532      1 - 3 ft. Tree      $50.95
#P3-4532      (1-3ft. trees)    Three trees for $59.99
#P10-4532      (1-3ft. trees)    Ten trees for $79.99


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