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Hordeum vulgare, Hordeum aegiceras
SEED SPECS: Average 13600 per pound

Barley Arpa Orzo Gerst Cebada Ta Mai Jo   (Arpa, Orzo, Gerst, Cebada, Ta Mai, Jo)  -  An annual grass about 36 inches tall bearing plumes of seeds, which are used to make porridge and bread (though it has a low gluten content and so does not work as well as flour for this purpose).  The seeds are also used to make miso and tempeh and to sprout, and in soups and stewsBarley malt is used in a wide variety of foods (including corn flakes and beer), and is made by sprouting, then roasting the seed.  Medicinally, barley has been used to treat stomach disorders (the infamous Barley Water in Mary Poppins), and as a poultice for cuts.  Recent research seems to show that it may benefit those with diabetes, may lower cholesterol, and treat some cancers.  One of the oldest grains in cultivation, barley is very easy to grow in most any soil and succeeds further north than most other grains.  A very pretty grass, it can be used to add fall color to flower beds and planters.  Full sun.
#B1-4156   Bulk seed   1 pound  $8.95
#B5-4156   Bulk seed   5 pounds  $17.95
#B50-4156  Bulk seed 50 pounds for pick-up in store  $49.95
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#B1z-4156    Dried barley grass powder   1oz      $20.00
#B1lb-4156   Dried barley grass powder  1lb      $45.00


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