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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

European Birch (White birch) - Betula pendula - Lovely upright tree with horizontal branching.  Casts light shade.  White bark with black fissures.  Good to plant as a specimen or in a grouping.  Hardy to -40F (-39.9C);  height: 30-40ft.
#871    Packet,   Approximately  100 seeds    $8.50
# P871H    2-3ft. tree    $30.99
# P4-871H    (2-3ft. trees)   Four trees for $44.95

Heritage River birch tree Betula nigra  Heritage River Birch - Betula nigra 'Heritage' - Large glossy dark green leaves and exfoliating bark exposing white beneath.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C); height: 45ft.
#P4291H  2-3ft.  $75.99
#P2-4291H  2-3ft. Two trees for $89.99
#P12-4291H  2-3ft. Twelve trees for $159.99

Paperbark birch tree Canoe birch Betula papyrifera  Paperbark Birch (Canoe birch, American Paper Birch)- Betula papyrifera - A pyramid shaped shade tree casting a light shade.  The white bark comes off in strips.  Fall foliage is yellow.  Hardy to -50F (-45.5C); height: 30-40ft.
#872   Packet,   Approximately   100 seeds     $8.50
# P872H  18 inch whip   $26.99
# P10-872H  (18 inch whips)   Ten trees for $46.99
# P25-872H  (18 inch whips)   Twenty-five trees for $79.99

River birch tree Betula nigra  River Birch -Betula nigra - Lovely multi-trunked tree with cinnamon brown bark that peels in strips.  The foliage is dark green, turning golden yellow in the autumn.  Pyramidal growth habit.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C) ; height: 60ft.
#1214    Packet,  Approximately 100 seeds    $10.50
#P1214H    2-3ft. whip    $23.99
#P3-1214H    (2-3ft. whips)   Three trees for $33.99

Betula lenta Sweet Birch Cherry birch Mountain birch seeds tree  Sweet Birch - Betula lenta - (aka: Cherry birch, Mountain birch) Dense rounded growth habit and smooth cherry like bark. Bright gold fall color.  Hardy to -40F (-40C) ; height: 55ft.
#1670    Packet,  Approximately 100 seeds    $8.50
#P1670H    2-3ft. tree    $24.95
#P3-1670H    (2-3ft. trees)   Three trees for $33.95


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