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SEED SPECS:  Average 100,000 seeds per pound

Broccoverde Broccoflower  Broccoverde (68 Days)  A cross between broccoli and cauliflower with lime green semi-domed heads weighing up to 1 pound each.  Full sun.
#1096  Packet   $13.75   Approximately 100 seeds


Broccoflower is grown exactly like it parents, broccoli and cauliflower and it's cousin, cabbage and is best done as a transplant.  Seeds are sown in flats or trays about 5-7 weeks before the expected date to plant outdoors.  Cover seeds to 1/4 in depth.  Keep soil moist at about 75F for best germination.  When seedlings emerge, reduce temperature to 60F.  Broccoflower is a cool weather crop, so plant outdoors when soil can be worked and temperatures remain about 55-75F.  Best to transplant seedlings when cloudy or at a time of day when sun is not too hot.   Plant seedlings 30-36 inches apart in rows 36-48 inches apart.  Cultivate or mulch to reduce weeds and provide water during dry spells.  Heads can be harvested at any stage when buds form, but it is good to note that the largest heads are obtained by the first buds. 

Keep an eye out for cabbage worms and flea beetles.  These can be controlled with a pepper dust and mulching around the base of the plant.


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