Brussels Sprouts
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SEED SPECS:  Average 6000 seeds per ounce
Brassica oleracea; Full sun, Plant height: 2-3ft.. Brussels Sprouts do best when planted in the early spring or late fall as the plants prefer cool temperatures. Several light frosts actually improve the taste.

Catskill  (90-105 days)  Yankee heirloom used mostly for fall crop. 1 1/2 in. sprouts. Dwarf to semi-dwarf plants.
#949 Packet    $3.50    Approximately 100 seeds

Long Island Improved Heirloom Brussels sprout  Long Island Improved (100-115 days) Heirloom variety taking its name from the place of origin. Vigorous, compact plants produce dozens of dark green sprouts 1-1/2in.
#216 Packet $3.50    Approximately 100 seeds
#B4z-216    Bulk seed    4oz $ 16.89
Plant:  #P216A    $4.50


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