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(Plant heights are given at maturity)
Buxus sempervirens suffruticosa Dwarf English Boxwood shrub plant

Common BoxwoodBuxus sempervirens - Common densely growing hedging plant with small leaves that shears very well.  Hardy to -20F (-28.8C); height: 8ft.
#1685    Packet,  Approximately 100 seeds  $8.50
#P1685   2-1/2in. pot    $26.95
#P3-1685   Three rooted cuttings for $33.99
#P10-1685   Ten rooted cuttings for $58.00

  Dwarf English Boxwood - Buxus sempervirens suffruticosa - West Asian native shrub with small ovate leaves and tiny yellow blooms.  A perfect low hedge, it is often used in formal plantings.  Grows slowly.  Hardy to -20F (-28.8C); height: 3ft.
#P1174   2-1/2in. pot    $44.95
#P4-1174    Four plants for $59.99
#P12-1174    Twelve plants for $99.99

Vardar Valley - Buxus sempervirens - Small leathery foliage stays dark green year 'round.  Dense, compact growth.  One of the hardiest of the boxwoods - great for colder climates.  Full sun or partial shade.  Hardy to -30F(-34.4C); height: 2ft.
#P2825   2-1/2in. pot    $44.95
#P4-2825    Four plants for $59.99
#P12-2825    Twelve plants for $99.99

Wintergreen Boxwood - Buxus microphylla - Korean variety that holds its green color all winter.  Grows slowly and remains compact with little shearing.  Oval growth habit.  Hardy to -20F (-28.8C); height: 4ft.
#2826    Packet,  Approximately 100 seeds    $10.50
#P2826   2-1/2in. pot    $26.95
#P3-2826   Three rooted cuttings for $33.99
#P10-2826  10 rooted cuttings   $58.00


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