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(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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camellia oleifera tea oil plant   Tea Oil Plant (Camellia oleifera)  Evergreen shrub grown for its edible oil, which is used for cooking and by the pharmaceutical industry.  Root extracts are used to treat broken bones and burns.  The tree is a pretty one, with fragrant 3-1/2in. white blooms and glossy green leaves.  Does best in a warm location in partial shade.  Hardy to 20F (-12.2C); height: 20ft.
#1437  Packet   $9.50  Approximately 15 seeds

Kuyushu Camellia - (Camellia sasanqua) - Evergreen shrub. Upright growth, densely branched with two to three inch single, or sometimes double, white, pink, or red flowers in the fall. Drought tollerant. Height: 10 ft. Hardy to 10F (-17.7C)
#4378  Packet   $25.50  Approximately 15 seeds
#P4378 (rooted cutting)   Plant    $19.99
#P2-4378    (rooted cuttings)   Two Plants for $25.99

Tea tree Camellia senensis Teu cha Tea tree (Teu cha) Camellia senensis -   Small evergreen tree (usually pruned to sbrub form) with 3 inch fragrant white blooms.  This variety is the parent species that has been used to produce the gorgeous decorative garden camellias grown in warmer climates. The leaves are used to produce both green and black teas.  Green tea is made by drying the leaves, black tea by fermenting the leaves before drying.  Tea conossieurs very often prefer the tea made from a plant from a given area of the world (China, Ceylon, India) or blend the leaves with those of other plants, such as bergamot orange to produce specific blends (Earl Grey).  Medicinally, the Chinese use tea as an anti-toxic to releive coughs, headaches, and digestive problems.  Tea compresses have been used to treat, among other problems, bruises, burns, and dog bite.  The seeds are the source of tsubaki oil, used in soaps and hair preparations.    Hardy to 20F (-12.2C); height: 30ft.
#1474  Packet   $6.50  Approximately 15 seeds

We offer a variety of superior teas and tea blends for your enjoyment.  
#5242     Darjeeling - Rich robust black Indian tea   1lb     $15.00
#5243    Earl Grey - a delicious blend of rich black tea and bergamot orange oil.    1lb   $15.00
#5244    Earl Grey Decaff     1lb   $20.00
#5245    English Breakfast -  Full bodied black tea ; usually blended with milk and sugar to produce the traditional English breakfast drink.     1lb   $15.00
#5246    Green - Unfermented tea leaves with several possible health benefits including reduced blood pressure, decreased risk of heart attack, LDL cholesterol reduction and immune system enhancement.  Lower caffiene than black tea    1lb   $15.00
#5247    Irish Breakfast - A blend of several black teas, including Assam, producing a rich full bodied blend; usually drunk with milk or lemon.   1lb   $15.00
#5248    Jasmine - Green tea leaves are layered over jasmine flowers to produce a sweet scented healthful tea    1lb    $15.00
#5249   Oolong - Semi-fermented tea with a light rich flavor     1lb   $15.00
#5250    White - Little processing is done to white tea, giving it its high concentration of polyphenols, a cancer preventing compound.  Has a sweet light aroma and taste      1lb    $27.00


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