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Catalogna  (70 days)  Cichorium endiva - This heirloom variety of endive has long, broad, dandelion-like leaves used most often as a salad green.
#2513  Packet  $6.50   Approximately 100 seeds
#B4z-2513    Bulk seed    4oz  $18.50
#B1-2513    Bulk seed    1 lb.  $33.99

Wild Chicory

Wild Chicory (Anchicoria, Barbe de Capucin, Blaue Wegwarte, Blue Sailors, Kasni, Kiku-Niga-Na, Succory, Zikorifa, Chicon) Cichorium intybus  This Euoropean native is an extremely useful plant that has established itself all over North America.  It is easily grown from seed (ususally as an annual, though it is a perennial plant).  The deep tap root makes it unsuitable for transplanting, so it is best to plant it where it is to remain.  The plant contains a milky sap and the lavender-blue daisylike blooms remain on the plant for only a single day.  In the United States, during the Civil War and again during WWII, chicory was served as a coffee substitute - the older the root, the more bitter the drink.  Leaves are eaten as a salad green, preferably in winter, when a great deal of the bitterness is gone from the plant.  Blooms are eaten in salads, and roots are cooked and eaten like parsnips.  The plant contains a large proportion of inulin (a starch undigestible to humans), which renders it useful in the production of alchohol.  Full sun; plant height: 2-4ft.
#1387  Packet   $6.50   Approximately 100 seeds
#B4z-1387    Bulk seed    4oz   $16.89
#B1-1387    Bulk seed    1 lb.    $29.25


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