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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

cryptomeria japonica japanese red cedar seed plant    Cryptomeria japonica - Japanese Red Cedar (Liu shan, Sugi )

Large evergreen tree belonging to the Pine family Pinaceae.  Native to China and Japan, it is one of the most important timber trees in Japan.  Mature trees are large specimens, growing up to 150ft in height with 5-8ft diameter trunks.  The reddish brown bark is fibrous and peels in strips and the wood is yellowish in color growing darker red toward the heart.  Trees are fragrant with a strong cedar smell.

The trees thrive in moist well drained soils with plenty of room to grow.  THey do well in dappled shade under other trees, but should not be in deep shade.  Cryptomeria prefers temperate regions without baking sun in the summer or bitter winter cold.  Leaves differ significantly in junvenile and adult forms and have incurving needles about 3/4 inch long and small round cones with sharp scales.  The tree has an upright growth habit with a narrow, conical appearance.  The trees tend to shed secondary branchlets in the fall.  Any such branches can be removed in the summer. 

Trees may be propagated by sowing seed or taking cuttings in summer.  Seeds are coated with several papery layers of shell which can trap fungus spores, so it is best to soak the seeds in hydrogen peroxide for 24 hours prior to cold stratification.  See Cold Stratification   Seedlings may be planted in spring or fall
 Hardy to -20 F (-28.8C); heght: 60ft.

#1853    Packet  $18.50   Approximately 100 seeds
#B1z-1853    Bulk seed 1oz  $24.50   Approximately 6000 seeds
#B4z-1853    Bulk Seed  4oz  $34.50   Approximately 24000 seeds
#B1-1853    Bulk Seed  1lb  $68.50   Approximately 96000 seeds



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