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Cucumis sp.      For growing instructions and seed specs, see Cultivation below

Baby Tiger (70 days)  Tiny 1-1/2 inch melon-like fruits taste like a lemony cucumber. Light green fruits have darker green stripes. Fantastic in salads.
#9791  Packet  $4.50   Approximately 20 seeds


Belonging to the Gourd family, Cucumis, and related to melons and cucumbers, cucamelons are usually grown as a novelty fruit.  They are a cross between cucumbers and melons and produce tiny  1-1/2 inch fruits, light green with darker green stripes.  The flesh is white and taste is similar to a cucumber with a lemony flavor.

Propagation is performed by sowing seeds, either to grow transplants for the garden or by direct sowing into the garden space.  For transplants, start seeds 4-6 weeks before the time to transplant outdoors.  Sow seed in pots or trays at depth of 1/2 inch, allowing at least 1 inche between seeds.   Keep moist at 75 -80F.  When seedlings have their first true set of leaves, transplant to larger containers or small pots.  Grow on at 70-75F.  Transplant outdoors when all danger of frost has passed and soil has warmed to 65F.  Space seedlings 24-36 inches apart each way.  Direct sow by preparing garden soil, working in humus, compost or peat moss.  Plant 3-4 seeds every 36 inches in rows 36 inches apart.

Pick fruits when they separate from the vine readily.  Store at 34F

Average 1000 seeds per ounce 

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