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CUMIN    Seeds and Dried Herb
(Plant heights are given at maturity)
cumin cyminum cumino aigro
Cuminum cyminum Cumin plant seeds
Cumin (Cumino, Cumino aigro)  Cuminum cyminum - Annual - Culinary - Feathery foliage is topped with tiny rose or white flowers, rather like fennel, except turned up at the ends. Tiny rose or white blooms are borne in clusters and are later harvested, dried and used in Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine to flavor meats, soups, cakes & breads. Full sun or partial shade; plant height 3-5ft.
#162 Packet,    Approximately 100 Planting Seeds $3.50
#B1lb-162W   Cumin seed whole  1lb Culinary use $23.50
#B1lb-162G    Cumin seed powder    1lb   $24.99


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