(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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 Cycads are holdovers from the Mesozoic era - the oldest living group of seed plants.  These palm like giants, sometimes called Sago Palms, are easily grown in pots or outdoors in Zone 9 and southward.  Don't expect to wake up one morning confronted by a Triassic monster plant from a 50's sci-fi film, because these plants are very slow growing (1-2 inches per year)and will begin growing roots before fronds.  They prefer a rich soil and partial shade and can take a great deal of  punishment.  They are great specimen plants and well worth the wait.

dioon edule  Dioon (Palma de Virgen) - Dioon edula - Blue green leaves can reach 5ft. in length.  Mature specimens have trunks measuring 5-6ft. in diameter.  As an added bonus, the seeds can be eaten - boiled or raosted.  Partial shade; plant height: 8ft.
#793  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 5 seeds


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