(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Arizona cypress Cupressus arizonica  Arizona Cypress - Cupressus arizonica - A loose pyramidal evergreen with silver or blue needles.  Tree gains a more open and rounded form as it ages.  The cones resemble tiny soccer balls - rounded in form.  Grows best in full sun.  Hardy to 0F (-17.7C); height: 40ft.
#2698   Packet   $11.50,  Approximately 50 seeds

Italian Cypress - Cupressus sempervirens - This variety  has a narrow columnar growth habit with dark green  evergreen foliage.  Hardy to 10F (-17.7C);  height: 30ft.
#884  Packet   $6.50,  Approximately 20 seeds

Leyland Cypress - Cupressocyparis leylandii - Actually a fast growing (3-4ft. per year) cross between Alaska Cedar and Monterey Cypress with magnificent blue green needles.  Withstands heavy pruning and well adapted to poor soils, including coastal ones.  Considered sterile. Hardy to -10F (-23.3C);  height: 18ft.
#P2662    2-3ft. tree    $24.95
#P3-2662    (2-3ft. trees)    Three trees for $33.99
#P10-2662    (2-3ft. trees)    Ten trees for $70.99

Naylor's Blue Leyland Cypress - Cupressocyparis leylandii - Fast growing species (3ft. per year) with soft blue green needles.  Columnar growth habit.  Hardy to -10F (-23.3C);  height: 18ft.
#P2663    12-18inch tree    $50.99
#P5-2663    (12-18inch trees)    Five trees for $70.00
#P25-2663   (12-18inch trees)  Twenty-five trees for $125.00


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