(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Fleabane (Fleawort. Coltstail. Prideweed)  Erigeron speciosus - Perennial;  This American native wildflower was introduced to Europe in the early 1600's.  Parkinson (who recommended tying a bunch of erigeron to the forehead to treat hysteria) mentioned it in 1640, and it apparently very soon established itself in France and England (though it is rather rare there). One of the hardiest of the perennials with 3/4in. pale pink daisy-like blooms appearing from early spring to summer.  The plant apparently received its name because of the resemblance of the seeds to fleas.  The flowers are dried and used as an astringent, or a diuretic and used to treat kidney ailments and sore throats. (Contains tannins)  Plant height: 10in.
#2475  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 100 seeds

Profusion (Erigeron karvinskianus) Perennial: Fast growing, blooms the first year from seed. Good pot or border plant.  Low growing (12in.) with 1/2in. to 3/4in. daisy-like blooms that begin white and mature to pink.  Plant height:10in.
#1367  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 100 seeds


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