(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Geums are members of the Rose family, Rosaceae.  Blooms are borne on wiry stems and come in a variety of colors - red, white, orange, purple or yellow.  They make excellent boder or bedding plants and many types are useful as herbs.

Geums are easily grown from seed sown in the spring in a mixture of peat and sand.  Seedlings should be transplanted outdoors only after all danger of frost has passed and spaced from 12-18 inches apart each way.

Bloody Mary Geum flora plena  Bloody Mary - Geum flora plena -  Large double red 2in. blooms with green foliage.  Blooms the first year from seed   Excellent bedding or border plant. Hardy to -30F (-34.4C); height: 26in.
#3891  Packet  $8.50,   Approximately 50 seeds

geum coccineum borisii  Borisii - Geum coccineum - Semi double bright mango orange blooms appear on slender stems with fuzzy leaves.  Very dramatic in a mass planting.  Hardy to -20F (-28.8C); height: 12in.
#2902  Packet  $3.50,   Approximately 100 seeds
#P2902    Plant   3in. pot  $12.95

Lady Stratheden Geum chiloense  Lady Stratheden - Geum chiloense - 1-1/2 inch semi-double yellow blooms.  Very showy.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C); height: 20in.
#3892   Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 100 seeds

Mrs. Bradshaw Geum chiloense  Mrs. Bradshaw - Geum chiloense - Double red blooms in spring.  Wow!  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C); height: 24in.
#2904   Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 100 seeds

Geum triflorum Perennial flower  Prairie Smoke (Old Mans Whiskers)  - Geum triflorum - Perennial - Native North American variety with fernlike leaves with silky hairs and red-purple blooms in spring.  The plant has been used to treat sores and swellings and as a spring tonic  A decoction is used as an eyewash.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C); height: 12in.
#4077   Packet  $7.50,  Approximately 100 seeds


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