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GINKGO Tree, Seeds and Dried Herb
(Plant heights are given at maturity)
ginkgo biloba tree seed herb Ginkgo Biloba
Maidenhair Tree

Hardy tree, very resistant to pollution and disease considered to be one of the oldest living tree species on earth.  Trees are either female or male - only the female trees bear a foul-smelling fruit (takes about 20 years for a tree to bear fruit) that contains a nut that the Chinese roast and add to rice dishes.  Ginkgo has been touted as a tonic for the brain, increasing circulation and improving neural functions.  Seeds can take up to 3 months to germinate and must be stratified.  Complet instructions are enclosed.  Full sun;  plant height:  60ft.

#763  Packet  $5.00   Approximately 15 seeds
#P763HM    Male  6 in plant   $32.00
#P763HF   Female   2-3ft.tree  $10.00
#P763HL   Unsexed (could be male or female) 2-3ft. tree   $10.00
#P5-763HL  5 trees  Unsexed 2-3ft.trees  $30.00
#B1lb-763CS   Dried leaf cut and sifted     1lb     $22.00
#B1lb-763G      Dried leaf powder    1lb      $22.00


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