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   aka:   Physalis capsicifolia, Physalis lanceifolia, Physalis ramosissima, Husk Cherry, Cape Gooseberry, Mullaca, Camapu, Bolsa mullaca, Wild tomato, Winter cherry, Juá-de-capote, Capulí cimarrón, Battre-autour, K'u chih, Urmoa batoto bita, Cecendet, Dumadu harachan, Hog weed, Nvovo, Polopa, Saca-buche, Thongtheng, Tino-tino, Topatop, Wapotok

SEED SPECS:  Average 6000 seeds per ounce

Ground cherry  Standard (70 days)  Low, spreading bush with round 1/2-3/4 inch berries encased in a papery hull that turns brown when the fruit is ripe.  Used in preserves and pies.  Use can be traced to 1837 in Pennsylvania.
#690  Packet  $4.50   Approximately 25 seeds
#LG690   Large Packet  $68.50   Approximately 1000 seeds


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