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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

tsuga canadensis canadian hemlock seed tree  Canadian Hemlock Tsuga canadensis  Lacy graceful  evergreen is the perfect specimen tree for pollution free areas.  Slightly drooping branches and a natural conical shape.  Very shade tolerant.  Hardy to -40F (-40C); height: 35ft.
#3333    Packet Seeds   $ 29.50 (approximately 50 seeds)
#Lg3333    Large Packet Seeds   $ 72.50 (approximately 1 oz.)
#P10-3333   Ten trees    (12-18inch trees)   $ 50.99

tsuga caroliniana carolina hemlock seed tree  Carolina Hemlock  Tsuga caroliniana  Native to the southeastern US , this species is a bit smaller than T. canadensis.  Graceful slightly drooping branches  have a natural conical shape.  Good as a specimen or grouped as a hedge.  Hardy to -30F (-30C);  height: 25ft.
#3332    Packet seeds   $ 39.50 (approximately 50 seeds)
#Lg3332    Large Packet Seeds   $ 87.50 (approximately 1 oz.)


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