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Hops plant
Hops Humulus lupulus medicinal culinary plant seeds

Hops - Humulus lupulus - Perennial - Medicinal, Culinary - An attractive thickly growing vine, hops berries have been used for centuries to flavor beers and to as a tranquilizer.  The yellow-green flowers are used in dream pillows to overcome insomnia.  Hops are dioecious (producing both male and female plants) - one of each is required to produce berries.  Male flowers are produced in long panicles and female ones are produced in short stalked axillary spikes.  They are quick growing and prefer a rich loamy soil.
# 773  Packet    $3.50    Approximately 20 seeds
#LG773   Large Packet     $50.50    Approximately 1,000 seeds
#P773  Plant   1gal pot size (shipped bareroot)  $29.95


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