(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Polka Dot Plant

Confetti Mix - Hypoestes phyllostachya - Annual:  Bright stable color patterns in a dwarf plant.  Colors include red, carmine, pink, white and burgundy splashes on green leaves.  Partial shade; height: 8in.
#1303  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 50 seeds

Splash Select Hypoestes phyllostachya Annual flower mix  Splash Select Series - Hypoestes phyllostachya - Annual;  Bright green leaves splashed with contrasting color make these pretty plants eye-catching container or bedding plants.  Prefer partial shade or filtered light and moist, well drained soil with a slightly acidic pH.  They make very good house plants and thrive on windowsills.  Partial shade; height: 12in.
#1304Pink Splash - green leaves with pale pink splashes
Packet  $3.50,  Approx. 50 seeds
#1305Red Splash  - green leaves with red splashes
Packet  $3.50,  Approx. 50 seeds
#1306Rose Splash - green leaves with rose splashes
Packet  $3.50,  Approx. 50 seeds
#1307White Splash - green leaves with white splashes
Packet  $3.50,  Approx. 50 seeds


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