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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

illicium verum star anise seed plant illicium verum star anise sketch seed plants  

Star Anise, Aniseseed Tree, Ba Jiao Hui Xian - Illicium verum

Evergreen shrub or small tree with aromatic leaves and flowers., members of the magnolia family, Magmoliaceae and native to China and Japan.  Leaves are lance shaped and the tree bears red blooms in autumn, followed by fruits that are dried and have great commercial value.

Illicium prefers a rich sandy loam soil in a location that is in full sun or partial shade.  They tend  not to do well in clay or alkaline soils or in heavy shade.  They are well suited to warm climates and, in colder climates, can be grown in containers in a warm greenhouse.

Propagation is peformed by sowing seed, or by layering in autumn or by taking softwood cuttings in the spring.  Seeds do not require stratification and should be sown in pots or trays and kept moist until seedlings appear.  Seedlings should be transplanted to larger containers when they reach about 2 inches in height.  It is best to continue to grow in containers until the seedlings second year, when they can be transplanted outdoors when temperatures do not drop below 65F. 

Dried fruits of Illicium verum are used as incense, and as a flavoring in tea, curry and baked goods.   Medicinally, they are used to treat stomach pain, insomnia, as a breath freshener, a carminative, and to treat coughs.  They are slightly antibiotic.  Star anise is also used to treat bedbugs and scabies.

Hardy to 10 °F (−12.2 °C)    Height: 8ft   Spread: 8ft.

#1957    Seed Packet  $24.50   Approximately 100 seeds
#B4z-1957    Bulk seed   4oz  Approximately 1675   $44.50
#B1-1957    Bulk seed   1lb  Approximately 6700   $85.50
#B1lb-1957W        Dried Star Anise whole select   1lb   $15.50


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