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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

jacaranda treeJacaranda mimosifolia flowerJacaranda , Black Poui, Blue Jacaranda - Jacanda mimosifolia (syn. J. acutifolia)

Belonging to the family Bignoniaceae, this evergreen subtropical South American native tree has lovely purple blue blooms and ornamental pinnate leaves that resemble a mimosa.  It is used both as a strking landscaping plant in warm climates and as a potted plant in cooler ones.  Mature specimens under optimum conditions can reach a height of 40ft.  Growth habit is open and rounded with a single trunk, though young trees may present a multi trunked growth, especially when damaged by frost.  Blooms are followed by 1 to 3 inch seed pods , hard and brown in color.  Trees do have thorns.  The wood, which is called green ebony,is rather brittle and older trees are susceptible to wind damage. Legend has it that if a Jacaranda bloom falls upon your head, you will be graced with good fortune

The trees thrive in a variety of soil types and is a heavy feeder.  Potted plants should be grown in large pots ot tubs in equal parts peat and loam with a scattering of sand. 

Propagation can be performed by sowing seed, taking softwood cuttings or by grafting.  No pre treatment is necessary for Jacaranda seeds.  They should be soaked in warm water for 24 hours, then sown in pots or trays in a soiless medium of 3 parts peat to 1 part sand.  Seedlings should be transplanted when they reach 2 inches in height. 

Hardy to 30F (-1.1C)

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