(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Texas Ranger, Texas Sage, Barometer Bush, Cenizo, Silverleaf, Purple Sage

leucophyllum frutescens  Dwarf Texas Sage - Leucophyllum frutescens compacta - Native to Texas and Mexico, this tough, resiliant plant has been a favorite for years.  Drought tolerant, it is an excellent choice for xeriscaping in hot dry climates.  This variety is a dwarf version with small grey-green leaves on woody stems.  Perfect specimen, border or hedging plant.  After a rain, the plant will sport pale purple tubular blooms, which become a haven for butterflies and bees.  Makes a lovely and unique container plant in northern areas, where it must be protected during the winter.  Hardy to 10F (-17.7C); height: 5ft.
#P3189     3in. pot   $25.00

Green Leaf Texas Sage - Leucophyllum frutescens 'Green Leaf' - Cultivar with deep green leaves and dark pink-purple blooms.  Hardy to 10F (-17.7C); height: 7ft.
#P3190     3in. pot   $25.00


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