(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Coastal Dog Hobble (Coastal leucothoe) Leucothoe axillaris - Native to the US from Virginia southward to Florida, this evergreen  shrub has bright green ovate slightly leathery leaves and white blooms that hang in racemes.  Fall foliage is bronze-red and tiny red berries appear at this time as well.  Prefers a cool, moist slightly acidic soil in partial shade.  Good specimen or hedge plant.  Hardy to -10F (-23.4C); height: 4ft.
#3298  Packet  $23.50   Approximately 1000 seeds

Leucothoe racemosa Swamp dog hobble  Swamp Sweetbells (Swamp Dog hobble, Fetterbush) Leucothoe racemosa - Large shrub with oval, serated leaves and white bell shaped blooms in spring, followed by brown seed capsules.  The plant is listed as threatened in its natural habitat by the states of Tennessee and Pennsylvania.  A nice shrub for naturalizing in swampy or moist areas.  Hardy to -10F(-23.4C); height: 8ft.
#3300  Packet, $19.50 each,  Approximately 500 seeds


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