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maackia amurensis amur seed plant    Amur Maackia (Chinese Yellow Wood, Yellow Wood)
Deciduous tree native to China, Japan, Korea and Russia, members of the Pea family, Leguminosae (aka Fabaceae).  The trees normally reach about 45ft. in height (although they have been known to grow much larger in their native environs).  Maakia possesses fine compound leaves rather like the Robinias that are covered with a soft grey down when they emerge in the spring, giving the tree a soft cloudlike appearance.  In the summer, small racemes of white blooms appear.  The wood is extremely hard and resistant to rot, making it valuable for fences. New wood is tan in color, while heartwood has a darker brown sheen.  The trees are also valued as nitrogen fixing in the soil - unusual among trees.

Maakia is easily propagated by sowing seeds or by means of root cuttings in the late fall or winter.  Seed should be soaked for 24 hours prior to planting for best germination. 

Young leaves are sometimes cooked and eaten.

Height: 45ft.   Spread: 40ft.    Hardy to -30F (-34.4C)

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