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Valerianella olitoria (Syn. Valerianella locusta)    (Plant heights are given at maturity)

Corn Mache (Lamb's Lettuce, Nusslisalat, feldsalat, Nut lettuce)  50 days - An excellent cool weather green grown in much the same manner as spinach. Best when harvested young, the glossy oval leaves give a slightly minty flavor to salads. A favorite in northern Europe.
#3352  Packet $4.50   Approximately 100 seeds
#Bz-3352  Bulk seed  1oz Avg. 9000 seeds/ounce  $9.50
#B4Z-3352  Bulk seed  4oz.   $17.00
#B1-3352  Bulk seed  1 lb.   $35.00


A European native, corn mache is a hardy annual plant with dark green soft leaves that is most often eaten as a salad green.  Best grown as a cool weather plant, it tends to bolt in warm temperatures.  It is easily grown by sowing seed and is best planted directly into the garden in early spring or late summer.  Wait until soil has warmed to 50F.  For direct seeding, work the are by digging and working in generous amounts of compost or composted manure.  Sow 1 seed every 3 inches in rows12-18 inches apart.  Keep moist until germination..

HARVEST:  Pick leaves as needed.

Seed specs:  Approximately 9000 seeds per ounce


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