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Chilean Jasmine.
Mandevillas are natives of Argentina and belong to the periwinkle family.  They are vigorous climbers that can grow to 20ft or more.   Leaves are ovate and the blooms are five petaled, funnel shaped and have a slighty waxy appearance (rather like a gardenia bloom).  They are excellent potted plants and make a tremendous show when planted outdoors in warmer climates, or treated as annuals in cooler ones.  Care should be taken to provde a fence or trellis for them to climb upon.  They prefer a moist, rich well drained soil and weekly fertilizing during the growing season.  In cooler climates, they can be overwintered indoors in a sunny location, and will continue blooming throughout the winter.

Alice Dupont Mandevilla   Alice Dupont

Alice Dupont - Mandevilla x amabilis  Annual or Tender Perennial;  Beautiful 4-5 inch blooms in clusters on a twining vine.  Full sun; height: 20ft.
#P10-1207B Ten Plants   3-1/2inch pots   $ 99.95
#P36-1207B Thirty-six  Plants 3-1/2inch pots   $ 159.95

Chilean Jasmine Mandevilla  Chilean Jasmine -Mandevilla suaveolens - This pretty climbing vine has deep green heart shaped leaves and five-petaled star shaped white blooms.  Full sun; hardy to 10F (-17.7C);  height 20ft. (vine)
#3398    Packet   $13.50,  50 seeds
#Bz-3398  Bulk seed   1oz  $225.00


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