(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Marigolds are one of the most popular annuals due to their fast growth, bright color and strong, tolerant plants.  They lend a splash of color to any garden and make wonderful borders, bedding, or container plants.  Easy to grow, they are virtually pest and disease free and are a dependable bloomer even in the heat of summer.  The perfect choice for a children's garden.   Happiest in full sun and in a well drained soil, they are extremely tolerant of soil types, doing well in sandy and clay soils.

Crackerjack Mixed African marigold Tagetes erecta  Crackerjack Mixed - Tagetes erecta -  African marigold with large double blooms in shades of yellow and orange. Height 24-36in.
#128  Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 100 seeds
#B4z-128   Bulk seed   4oz  $15.49
#B1-128   Bulk seed   1 lb  $47.99

Inca Mix marigold Tagetes erecta  Inca Mix - Tagetes erecta - Fully double flat 4in. heads and excellent disease resistance make this variety the perfect choice for a mid-height bedding marigold. Height: 16in.
#1311  Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 100 seeds

Pinwheel - Tagetes erecta -  This colorful heirloom marigold can be traced to 1791, when it was mentioned in an edition of Curtis' Botanical Journal.  Single golden orange flowers are striped in mahogany.  Height: 24-36"   80-90 days
#417  Packet $4.50 each  Approximately 50 seeds

Simba Lions Mane marigold Tagetes erecta  Simba or Lion's Mane - Tagetes erecta - This version of the old 1940's favorite, the Chrysanthemum marigold,  has shaggy petals slightly incurving.  Gives a whole new look to the marigold bed.  Height: 36in.
#4265  Packet $5.50 each  Approximately 15 seeds

Sweet Cream marigold Tagetes erecta  Sweet Cream - Tagetes erecta -  Hybrid variety producing 2-1/2 inch double blooms in a rich creamy white.  Compact growth habit.  Height: 16in.
#3025  Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 25 seeds

Tall Hedge Mix - Tagetes erecta - Wonderful collection of  the best of the hedge type marigolds producing a complete spectrum of colors running from pale yellow to deep orange on tall strong stems.  Perfect summer hedge or border and an excellent cut flower variety - frequent pickings will produce the largest blooms.  Height: 36in.
#3024  Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 100 seeds


marigold janie Janie Mixed -  Tagetes patula -  Crested 1-1/2in. blooms in shades of yellow, orange and mahogany.  Height: 8in.  50-60 days
#357  Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 100 seeds
#P357   Plant   2in. pot  $4.50

Disco Mix marigold Tagetes patula  Disco Mix - Tagetes patula -  Early flowering dwarf variety with brilliant single blooms in yellow, gold and mahogany, some bicolors with contrasting eyes.  Long lasting color.  Great border or potting plant.  Height: 8-10in.  50-60 days.
#418  Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 100 seeds

Dwarf Crested - Tagetes patula - A lovely mix of crested French marigolds, with tufted centers and contrasting collars. Perfect bedding or border plants.  Height: 8in.
#1395  Packet $3.50 each  Approximately 100 seeds

Queen Sophia - Tagetes patula -   Compact plants covered with 2-1/2in. double blooms.  Color is russet edged in gold.  Lovely border plant as it retains its compact habit throughout the season.  Height: 10in.
#419  Packet  $3.50  Approximately 100 seeds
#P419  Plant   2in. pot   $4.50


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