(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Four O'Clocks are tuberous perennials native to the southern regions of the Americas and are grown as annuals in colder climates.   They are very easy to grow, and well worth space in any garden.  If you live in a colder region, you can dig the tubers and re-plant the following spring for a quicker start.  Perennial to 40F (4.4C) - Hardy to 40F (4.5C)

mirabilis marvel of peru   Four O'Clocks, Mix (Marvel of Peru) - Mirabilis jalapa - Annual or Tender Perennial, reseeds freely;  Lovely trumpet shaped flowers on tall stems bloom in the late afternoon and attract hummingbird moths.  Recorded by 16th century conquistadors as a Peruvian flower.  Full sun; plant height: 24-36in.  70-80 days
#405  Packet  $3.50   Approximately 50 seeds
#P405   Plant   2 in. pots   $8.00

mirbilis bicolor  Four O'Clock, Bicolor - Mirabilis jalapa - Annual or Tender Perennial;  Multicolored blooms burst into color at nightfall.  Works well as a large container plant or makes a lovely border.  Full sun; Plant height: 34-36in.
#1226  Packet  $3.50   Approximately 25 seeds


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