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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

 mucuna sempervirens evergreen velvet bean seed plantmucuna sempervirens evergreen velvet bean drawing seed plant  Evergreen Velvet Bean (Seabean) - Mucuna sempervirens (syn Stizolobium semprevirens)

Woody vine native to China, member of the family Fabaceae.  The plant is very vigorous grower, quickly covering a trellis or fence.  The blooms are dramatic and unique - clusters of huge 3 inch dark purple blooms with a gold crown attached to the vine.  These then mature into long velvetly bean pods.

Mucuna sempervirens thrives in light soils in a sunny location and can be grown as annuals or greenhouse specimens in cooler climates.

Mucuna is easily propagated from seed.  Seed should be scarified (nick the hard outer coating with a sharp knife), then soaked for 24 hrs prior to planting  (See Seed Scarification for more information).   Sow seed in pots or trays and keep moist at 80 to 85F (about 30C).  When seedlings reach about 2 inches in height, transplant them to larger pots or, if outdoor temperatures are a minimum of 65F, directly in a prepared bed.

The plant has been used medicinally to treat a variety of ailments including urinary tract infections and muscular pain.  The stems have also been used to make paper and as a starch.

Hardy to 40F (4.4C)   Height: 12ft   Spread:  3ft

#5822    Packet  $15.50   Approximately 15 seeds
#Bz-5822    Bulk seed 1oz  $28.50   
#B4z-5822    Bulk seed 4oz  $35.50   
#B1-5822    Bulk seed 1lb  $65.50   


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