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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

    parkinsonia aculeata jerusalem thorn seed plant  Jerusalem Thorn (Ratama) Mexican Palo Verde, Horse Bean -  Parkinsonia aculeata

Tropical mid-sized tree, native to the southwestern US and northern Mexico, members of the family Fabaceae.  Parkinsonias have spiny branches, leathery foliage and fragrant yellow blooms borne in drooping racemes.  They make a good hedge when sheared.

Parkinsonia aculeata thrives in well drained soil and require a location in full sun   The trees have a very fast growth rate and reaches a height of 30 feet with a spread of 30 feet.  Trees may boom from the second year of growth.  Some maintenance is required (removing volunteer seedlings, cleanup of fallen seed pods).  Extremely drough tolerant, with a long tap root and extensive root system, they are a good choice for low water areas.

Fragrant yellow blooms are followed by seed pods, 2 to 8 inches long, rather like a bean pod, with clear separations between the seeds.  The pods are brown or tan in color.

Medicinally, Parkinsonia aculeata has been used to treat diabetes and malaria.  The seeds have been ground into flour.  The trees are excellent wildlife plantings as well.

Parkinsonia is best propagated by sowing seed.  Seeds should be sown in spring in pots or flats a soiless medium.  Keep moist at about 75F.  Seedlings should be transplanted to larger containers or into their permanent location when they are about 4inches in height.  Be careful not to break the taproot on the plant when moving. 

  Hardy to to 20F (12.2C);  height: 30ft.  Spread: 30ft.

#2081    Packet  $10.50   Approximately 100 seeds
#Bz-2081    Bulk seed 1oz  $15.50   Approximately 325 seeds
#B4z-2081    Bulk seed 4oz  $38.50   Approximately 1300 seeds
#B1-2081    Bulk seed 1lb  $53.50   Approximately 5200 seeds


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