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Using our PayPal shopping cart is free.  You pay no PayPal or bank service fees when making a purchase from us.  ( note, see: currency conversions)

When you click on 'Add to Cart' a new browser window should pop-up to show items in your cart.  You can change the quantities that you wish to order on this screen or remove an item by using the 'Update Cart' button, and you can hit the 'Proceed to Check-Out' button.  The easiest way to go back and continue shopping is actually to minimize (or X out) the overlaying shopping cart browser window to find still on the browser window that is underneath.  You can still click 'View Cart' or another 'Add to Cart'  to see the shopping cart again. 

You can use Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express or a PayPal account to make your purchase.  You do not need to have a PayPal account to use our PayPal shopping cart, but you will be given the opportunity to set one up if you wish.  With your PayPal account, you can also use your checking account to make your purchases from us, and many other merchants as well as benefit from other excellent financial services offered by PayPal. 

The shipping and handling will be added as you Check-Out.  You will have the opportunity to see this and make changes before the transaction is complete.  To see how this charge is calculated, see the Shipping and Handling Chart.

Sales Tax will be added to orders shipping to Indiana.

After you have completed your purchase, an email will be sent to you with information regarding the details of your purchase. If you have a PayPal Account, you will also be able to log in to the service and review the records of all your purchases and transactions.

Many items in our catalog have quantity selections that offer better pricing, for example some tree seedlings can be ordered individually or you receive a discounted price buying bundles of 10, and likewise bulk seed has quantity price increments.  If you want to order one or two tree seedlings, simply click on the one tree seedling price and then change the quantity of this item in the shopping cart to 2 for two tree seedlings.  To get the discounted price for 10 select the button for the 10 bundle, and change the quantity in the shopping cart screen to 2 to order two bundles (20 tree seedlings) at the 10 bundle price.  Of course if you want 11 or 12 - get the discount on 10 and use the single button for the additional at the individual price, (use both buttons). 

You should be able to use our shopping cart from any country listed at:  Countries Ordering from richfarmgarden

Go to PayPal's web site for information on conversion costs and rates.
You can also order by mail using checks or money-orders that are denominated in U.S.Dollars. Outside the U.S. many banks and post offices offer these.


If you are having trouble with the shopping cart function, remember that you can also purchase from us by mail;  see: Placing Order Instructions

Most errors are related to internet traffic bottlenecks and often, if you wait a few seconds and try it again, it will work.  Secure web sites load slower so these connection speed errors do occur more often with encrypted data transmissions. 

Your 'Cookies' must be enabled on your browser preference settings.

Your Browser must be 128 bit encryption capable.  Older browsers may need to be upgraded, or use the postal service to place your order. 

If you are in the habit of using other web site shopping carts, but are having trouble with ours, please send an email to us describing the problem.

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