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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

Also known as: Beard Tongue

Penstemon barbatus Perennial flower Elfin Pink  Elfin Pink - Penstemon barbatus - Perennial;  Tubular blooms in shades of red to pink.  Blooms midsummer.  Hardy to -20F (-28.8C); height: 14in.
#3070  Packet $5.50   Approximately 50 seeds

Penstemon digitalis Perennial Huskers Red  Huskers Red - Penstemon digitalis - Perennial;  Bronzie foliage and tiny white bell-shaped blooms in the summer.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C); height: 30in.
#3071  Packet $3.50   Approximately 50 seeds

Penstemon barbatus Perennial iron Maiden  Iron Maiden - Penstemon barbatus - Perennial;  Brilliant red blooms and unusual narrow leaves make this a real eye catcher.  Hardy to -20F (-28.8C); height: 30in.
#4016  Packet $9.50   Approximately 50 seeds

Red Penstemon eatonii Perennial  Red Penstemon - Penstemon eatonii - Perennial;  Large scarlet blooms on tall stems with green foliage.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C); height: 24in.
#3782  Packet $5.50   Approximately 50 seeds

Penstemon strictus Perennial Rocky Mountain wildflower Rocky Mountain Penstemon - Penstemon strictus - Perennial - Native western US wildflower with snapdragon-like blooms on tall spikes.  An extremely tolerant plant, it does best in full sun (partial shade in hotter areas).  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C); height: 40in.
#3925  Packet $3.50   Approximately 100 seeds
#Bz-3925  Bulk seed   1oz  (avg. 37,000 seeds) $37.59
#B1-3925   Bulk seed   1lb  $89.00


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