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Pie plant - Rheum rhaponticum
Appreciated for centuries for its food and medicinal qualities, rhubarb originated in Siberia .  It is an easy to grow crop that requires little maintenance to produce an abundance of lucious stalks.  It is best to let rhubarb roots mature over a three year period to get the best yields.  The old rule says:  no harvest the first year, harvest only a little the second year and the third year take all you want.  Don't eat the leaves, though:  they contain oxalic acid which is toxic.  In the 1700 and 1800's, rhubarb pills were taken for stomach upset. Rheum rhaponticum Canada Red Rhubarb
Canada Red  -  Good red variety that reqires no peeling.  Sweet and retains its color when cooked.
#P-670H  Root  $11.95 each

Victoria - Great green variety excellent for pies.  Tangy, yet not sour.
#P-671H  Root  $11.95 each
#671  Seed Packet  Approximately 50 seeds   $3.50
#Bz-671  Bulk seed 1 oz.  Approximately 3,200 seeds  $24.95
#B1-671  Bulk seed 1 lb.    $70.95


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