(Plant heights are given at maturity)
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Also known as: False Solomons Seal, Feathery False Solomons Seal,  Solomons Plume, or False Spikenard

Baby Plume Smilacena racemosa Perennial Baby Plume - Smilacena racemosa - Perennial;  This pretty plant has arching stems topped with soft feathery plumes, maturing into red berries, which are cooked and made into jellies and jams.  The taste is said to resemble bitter molasses.  The leaves are edible as well and can be eaten raw or cooked, and the young shoots are often eaten like asparagus.  Roots are edible, but must be soaked to remove the bitter taste.  North American Indians used the plant to treat cough, rheumatism, kidney ailments, and as a contraceptive.
#4012  Packet, $9.50 each,  Approximately 30 seeds


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