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Platanus, or Plane trees (genus Platanacaea) are large deciduous trees native to North American, southeastern Europe and Asia minor.  They are attractive trees, with exfoliating bark and tightly congregated flowers that mature into fuzzy round fruits, persisting into the winter and breaking up in the spring.  The seeds are covered with tiny jointed hairs.  Trees can vary in height from about 50ft to 100ft depending on variety.  The trees are large and require a great deal of space to grow happily.

Plan trees prefer a moist well drained soil, but are extremely tolerant and can handle wet soils, heavy clay, urban pollution, acidic and alkaline soils, and even salt.

Plane trees can be propagated by sowing seed or by cuttings made from ripened wood. 

(Plant heights are given at maturity)
sycamore tree Plantanus occidentis
      Planetree Buttonwood Platano  American Sycamore (Planetree, Buttonwood, Platano) - Plantanus occidentis - A mature specimen can be breathtaking.  Grows into a massive shade tree with maple tree like leaves and mottled white and grey bark which peels in strips from the trunk.  It is a favorite street or parkland tree.  Fall foliage is yellow.  The sap is collected and used to produce a syrup (rather like maple syrup).  The bark is astringent and is used to treat cough, colds, dystentery, and as a wash for wounds.  Hardy to -30F  (-34.4C);  height:  100ft.
#908  Packet  $10.50     Approximately 50 seeds
#P908H   2 - 3 ft. Tree  $27.95
#P3-908H   (2-3ft. trees)  Three trees for $33.99

London Planetree Platanus
        acerifolia  London Planetree - Platanus x acerifolia (syn. Platanus hispanica) - A naturally occuring cross between P.orientalis and P. occidentalis, this species is a large tree that can attain an 80 foot height and breadth.  It has attractive peeling brown bark, revealing white patches.  A very tolerant tree, it does very well in city environments.  Fall foliage is yellow-brown.  Hardy to -20F (-28.8C); height: 80ft.
#2187  Packet  $10.50     Approximately 50 seeds
#P2187  2 - 3 ft. Tree   $50.95
#P3-2187  (2-3ft. trees)   Three trees for $70.00

Bloodgood London Plane TreePlatanus x acerifolia 'Bloodgood' (syn. Platanus hispanica ' Bloodgood')-  This selection of P. acerifolia this is a large tree with brown bark exfoliating to reveal a cream colored interior bark and a rounded crown.  Flowers mature into fuzzy round balls which ripen in the fall and release seeds.  A perfect street tree or shade tree. Very tolerant of pollution.  Good disease resistance.  Hardy to -30F (34.4C)   Height: 100ft.
#P12638  2 - 3 ft. Tree   $50.95
#P3-12638  (2-3ft. trees)   Three trees for $70.00

Exclamation London Plane Tree
Platanus x acerifolia 'Exclamation' (syn. Platanus hispanica ' Exclamation', Platanus x acerifolia 'Morton Circle' , Platanus hispanica ' Morton Circle',)-  This hybrid introduction was bred for heightened anthracnose and frost cracking resistance making it a good choice for northern climates.  It is also smaller than the species variety, coming in at a mature height of about 65ft. with a 50ft spread.  Prefers a well drained soil, but can tolerate a wide range of soil types.  Hardy to -30F (-34.4C)   Height: 65ft.
#P12639  2 - 3 ft. Tree   $50.95
#P3-12639  (2-3ft. trees)   Three trees for $70.00

Oriental Plane Tree Cut leaf
        Platano Chenar Platanus orientalis  Oriental Plane Tree (Cut-leaf Plane Tree, Platano, ChenarPlatanus orientalis - Native to Asia Minor to Iran, this species is very like its cousins, P.occientalis and P.acerifolia. The bark peels in the same manner and the tree is approximately the same height at maturity, though it is less cold hardy.  The leaves of this species are more deeply lobed, looing more like those of maple tree, and the wood is very hard and durable, being a favorite for butcher's blocks.  Hardy to 10F (-17.7C); height: 80ft.
#2188  Packet   $10.50     Approximately 50 seeds


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