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chaste tree
Chaste Tree
Kaff Maryam
Monk's Pepper
Hemp Tree
Vitex agnus-castus
Vitex agnus-castus Chaste Tree Sauzgatillo seeds
Chaste Tree Vitex agnus-castus - A small shrub or tree bearing fingered aromatic leaves (the aroma resembles sage) and panicles of purple blooms in the spring.  The blooms are followed by berries containing small seeds which are often ground and used as a pepper substitute and are one of the ingredients of ras el hanout, a Moraccan spice.  Used in medieval times by Catholic monks to repress sexual urges, the effects of the plant are also said to produce the opposite results.  Long used as a balancer for female hormones, it is said to ease the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome and menopause.  Hardy to -10F (-23.3C); height: 20ft.
#2586  Packet  $8.50    Approximately 50 seeds
#B1-2586     Bulk seeds   1 lb.    $119.00
#P2586   Plant   $29.99
#P3-2586  Three Plants   $50.99
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