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Medicago sativa
Alfalfa Jatt Mu Su Yonja Kaba Yonca Lucerne Mielga    (Jatt, Mu Su, Yonja, Kaba Yonca, Lucerne, Mielga) - Considered an annual legume (though it is perennial in winter temperatures above -20F or -28.8C)  alfalfa grows to height of 36 inches and will succeed in most soil types, tolerating drought, being very deep rooted.  It is most often left to grow over one season before being cut the next, needing this time to become fully established and attain its full nutritional value.  Used as a fodder crop for animals, alfalfa can be eaten by humans as well.  The leaves - raw or cooked - are often used in salads, or are used to brew tea.  Rich in vitamins A, B, C, and K, it is also a good source of proteinMedicinally, the leaves have been used to treat lack of appetite and menopausal symptoms, and contain antioxidants.  An excellent green manure, alfalfa is superior in fixing nitrogen.
#1139 seed packet     $3.50  Approximately 500 seeds
#B-1139 Bulk seed 1 pound; $7.95
#B5-1139 Bulk seed 5 pounds; $35.95
#B50-1139 Bulk seed 50 pounds;
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#CS4z-1139   Dried herb, cut and sifted     4oz     $10.50
#CS1lb-1139    Dried herb, cut and sifted    1lb      $25.00
#G4oz-1139     Dried herb, ground   4oz       $10.50
#G1lb-1139     Dried herb, ground   1lb         $25.00

Get a goat. The commercial herbicides with glyphosphate work well, but around our farm, when we are without a goat, we put on protective clothing, pull it and feed it to the cows. You can't burn it with the brush, because the smoke is poisonous too, so without animals to feed, you'll need to bury it, as in put it in the dumpster and have it hauled to the landfill. We have had goats that when given choices go for the poison ivy first; they could make their whole diet of the stuff. It makes good cow food too, but should not be the only feed over a long period. The nutritional value for the cattle is not bad and it does not hurt the milk, but I have attached this TIP to the alfalfa page because this reminds me of the story that I heard many times as a child - The story goes like this: Jobs were very hard to get during the depression of the 1930s, so when a man came to town and applied to the owner of a sawmill for any work, the manager said Sorry, no. There are no positions available. But I can help improve your operation. the applicant said. I see that you have a large pile of sawdust that you need to get rid of, and I see that you are working with mules. I am an expert with mules, and I can get the mules to eat the sawdust, if you will give me the job. Now the owner thought, and started to get a little excited. Disposal of the sawdust had been an on-going conundrum, and cutting the feed cost could go toward paying the man's salary. So he told him that he had the job. Now he asked how he could get the mules to eat the sawdust. The newly hired man said: Just mix oats with it. The more oats that you mix with it the better they like it.


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