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(Plant heights are given at maturity)
Aloe vera plant seeds   Vera - Aloe vera - Tender perennial or houseplant;  Quick growing succulent with thick spiky leaves covered with tiny teeth.  Juice from the leaves is used to treat burns or wounds and in many cosmetic productsPlants do very well on a sunny windowsill.  Outdoors in warmer climates, you may want to shield them from the hottest sun as they tend to 'sunburn', turning a bronze red.  Full sun or partial shade;height: 18in.  
#P2528B   3-1/2in. pot    $15.95
#P3-2528B Three plants   3-1/2in. pots    $24.95
#G4z-2528     Dried herb powder  4oz     $19.90
#G1lb-2528     Dried herb powder  1lb     $38.99

Giant Aloe -Aloe dichomtoma - Tender perennial or Houseplant;  Mature specimens of this long-lived south African native can have trunks measuring 3-4ft. in diameter.  The plant is made up of many long sword shaped succulent branches tipped with teeth.  Bright canary yellow blooms appear in long panicles on older plants.  Considered an endangered species in the wild, the juice from the leaves is often used to treat burns & wounds and to promote healthy skin.  Full sun; height: 30ft.(in the wild)  6ft.(greenhouse)
#2527   Packet  $3.50  Approximately 25 seeds


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