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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

Asarum, or Wild Ginger, is a hardy perennial plant belonging to the family Aristolchiaceae. They grow wild in many parts of North America and Europe. Leaves are glossy and heart shaped with some veining. They are used in the garden as ground covers or as edging plants and are valuable as shady plants. They prefer very rich moderately moist soil.

Plants are easily propagated by digging and dividing existing plants or by sowing seed. Seeds should be sown in pots, trays or a bed prepared with a medium of 1 part sphagnum peat to 1 part sand. They should be covered lightly and kept moist, but not soggy at about 40F for about 4 weeks. The temperature should then be increased to 75F. When seedlings are about 2 inches in height, they can be transplanted to larger containers or directly to the garden, if the temperatures do not fall below 65F

Asarum canadense Snakeroot Wild ginger  Snakeroot - Asarum canadense - Perennial - Soft green heart shaped leaves and rather inconspicuous brownish purple blooms. An excellent ground cover. The base of the stems and flowers are edible and have a mild ginger flavor, making them a good ginger substitute. It is best harvested in autumn and can be dried for storage. Once used to treat snakebite, the roots are used to treat bronchitis and other pulmonary complaints and is touted as a treatment for tumors. Leaves are used to treat wounds. Partial or full shade Height: 6 inches Hardy to -40F (-40C)
#5008   Packet   $3.50   Approximately 20 seeds

Asarum europeum European ginger Asarabacca  European Ginger (Asarabacca) - Asarum europeum - Perennial - Glossy green heart shaped leaves. Has been used as an emetic and an expectorant, but is little used currently as large doses can be toxic. Partial or Full shade Height: 6 inches
#5512   Packet   $4.50   Approximately 50 seeds


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