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Go-gi-zi, Di-gu-pi, Matrimony Vine, Duke of Argyll's Teaplant
Wolfberry Lycium barbarum Matrimony Vine Duke of Argyle's Tea tree  Wolfberry - Lycium barbarum - Perennial - Culinary, Medicinal - Narrow leaves and lovely 1/2 -1 in. trumpet-shaped flowers adorn this attractive native Chinese vine. Fruits, which appear in late summer or early fall are deep red and have many tiny seeds. Dried, they resemble cranberries. The leaves of the vine are often eaten as cooked salad greens and the berries are a popular snack in Canton. In China, the herb is used to strengthen muscles and bone, as a liver tonic and to improve vision. Full sun; plant height: 10ft.
# 158  Packet  $4.50,  Approximately 50 seeds
#P158   Plant    $24.95
#B1lb-158W   Whole dried berries (for herbal use) 1lb $34.50

Chinese Wolfberry - Lycium chinense -Perennial- Culinary, Medicinal -  Same as above, orginating in East Asia
# 1003  Packet  $4.50,  Approximately 50 seeds
#P1003   Plant    $24.95


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