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(Plant heights are given at maturity)

Allwoods Village Dianthus chinensis Allwood's Village Pinks- Dianthus chinensis - Perennial; Masses of fragrant single pink and rose bicolor blooms in summer. Full sun or partial shade; plant height: 12in.
#355 Packet   $3.50   Approximately 100 seeds

Black and White Velvet and Lace Dianthus chinensis Black and White Velvet (aka Velvet and Lace) - Dianthus chinensis heddewigii  - Annual - Large double black and white blooms last through the season.  Unique color combination for contrast.  Full sun or partial shade; height: 12in.
#4045  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 100 seeds

Black Knight Dianthus barbatus Black Knight - Dianthus barbatus - Perennial;  Unique dianthus with deep purple-black bloom clusters atop long stems.  Good cut flower, adding interest to arrangements or Midnight Garden.  Full sun or partial shade; height: 20in.
#4036  Packet  $3.50    Approximately 100 seeds

Brilliant Dianthus deltoides Brilliant - Dianthus deltoides - Perennial - Early blooming variety forming low mounds of 1 inch carmine red blooms. Full sun or partial shade; height: 6in.
#2870  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 100 seeds

Dwarf Grenedin - Dianthus caryophyllus - Perennial; Double frilled 2 inch blooms in shades of pink, red, yellow and salmon.  Fragrantly clove-scented.  Full sun; plant height: 15in.
#396  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 100 seeds

French Frills Dianthus barbatus  French FrillsDianthus barbatus - Annual; Full double blooms in reds, pinks and white, some bicolors, all frilled.  Full sun or partial shade;  plant height: 24in.
#397  Packet  $3.50,  Approximately 100 seeds

Spotty  - Dianthus x Spotty - Perennial -  Very pretty mounding type with red blooms spotted with white.  Tough and hardy.  An excellent choice for rock gardens containers and as a ground cover, it blooms through the season.  Hardy to -40F (-40C); height: 12in.
#P2607    Plant   3in. plug   $18.95

Sundae Series - Dianthus chinensis - Annual - Very large blooms with lovely color patterns.  Dwarf growth with a spreading habit makes a perfect bedding or basket plant.  Blooms early and remains flowering into frost.  Full sun or partial shade; height: 8in. (12in, spread)    Packet   Approximately 100 seeds
#3519 Cherryberry White with broad red eye $3.50
#3520 Grapeberry White with broad purple eye $3.50
#3521 Razzleberry Red with pink stripes $3.50
#3522 Raspberry Pink with red eye $3.50
#3523 Strawberry Rose with red center $3.50

Sweet William mixed Dianthus barbatus  Sweet William, mixed - Dianthus barbatus - Perennial; Victorian favorite Beautiful blooms in varying shades of while to deep maroon. Grows in clumps. Good cottage garden plant, virtually maintenance free. Full sun or partial shade; plant height: 1-3ft.
#115 Packet, $3.50, Approximately 100 seeds
#P115   Plant   3in. plug   $10.95


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